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EDITORIAL - Internet intermediaries: The dilemma of liability in Africa

PRETORIA (Emilar Vushe-Gandhi for APCNews) - In this editorial we look at the role of governments and the impact of regulations that hold internet intermediaries liable for content uploaded or circulated by users. We argue that protecting intermediaries is an important step for having a free and open internet and for promoting the development of regional content, and stress the importance of explicitly addressing the impact of current regulations on women and women's rights defenders. More >

APC’s frequently asked questions on internet intermediary liability

NEW YORK  (APCNews)  - What do we mean by internet intermediary liability? Are social networking sites and search engines considered internet intermediaries? Do legal measures affecting intermediaries have an impact on users’ rights? Find out more in these FAQs. More >

New developments in South Africa

LAGOS (Maureen Nwobodo for APCNews) - Although internet intermediaries in South Africa are fairly protected against liability for their users’ content or behaviour on their platforms and networks, this comes with some rules that they have to abide by. Two years after the publication of an APC research report on intermediary liability in South Africa, APCNews talked to researchers Alex Comninos and Andrew Rens about the current situation in the country. More >

Preventing hate speech online in Kenya

LAGOS (Maureen Nwobodo for APCNews) - With a new regime in Kenya, the fate of internet intermediaries is uncertain. Two years after the publication of an APC research report on the issue, Grace Githaiga talked to APCNews on the latest developments in the country. More >

New laws in Uganda make internet providers more vulnerable to liability and state intervention

NEW YORK (AL for APCNews) - Internet intermediaries (ISPs, content providers, infrastructure providers) are increasingly being held liable for the content circulated by users. Two years after conducting research on the issue in Uganda in a project coordinated by APC, Lillian Nalwoga talked to APCNews about the latest developments in the country, where a recent anti-pornography law can go as far as sending intermediaries to prison. More >

New laws affecting intermediary liability in Nigeria

NEW YORK (AL for APCNews) - APCNews interviewed Gbenga Sesan, executive director of Paradigm Initiative Nigeria (PIN), about the latest trends in the country towards holding intermediaries liable for their users’ behaviour. We also asked him about other pressing internet issues in the country. More >

Internet policies that affect Africans

LAGOS (Maureen Nwobodo for APCNews) - Many governments in Africa are establishing regulations to further control the flow of information on the internet. This trend includes holding intermediaries liable for content circulated by their users on their platforms and networks. APCNews talked to researcher Nicolo Zingales to find out more about the issue in the African context. More >

Towards internet intermediary responsibility

LONDON (Carly Nyst for GenderIT.org) - The internet and new technologies provide countless opportunities for women’s empowerment, engagement and education. At the same time, digital tools are increasingly facilitating gender-based threats, harassment, assault and violence against women online. Internet intermediaries have an important role to play in detecting and redressing online violence against women. Yet the response of intermediaries to incidents of gender-based harassment online is too often defined by gendered assumptions and misconceptions about the nature of violence against women online and the tension between addressing online violence and protecting free expression. More >

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